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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fred Turguson -- Moon Bat Daredevil

I really like those Bud Light commercials where they have the "Bud Light Daredevil" doing absurd "guy" stunts like 'actually listening to his girlfriend' and 'staying at work an extra two minutes on a Friday'.

That's why I was so happy to see a new poster over at BlameBush! who goes by the name of "Fred Turguson -- Moon Bat Daredevil". It appears as though he plans to periodically perform difficult feats of daring that most moonbats would be unable to pull off. Here's what he is going to say said:

Long time lurker, first time poster -- long story, it turns out the "wireless antenna" I had for my keyboard actually had to be plugged into the computer. Anyway, I just wanted to share a story about how I showed up some Gestapo-loving RethugliKKKans at the place I work. (Another long story -- Mom was really complaining that I needed to start paying rent for the basement...)
Anyway, I do my best to educate the sheeple at work about how Diebold is stealing the elections, the Department of Homeland Security has a plan to put all progressives in concentration camps, and how Bus-hitler is ruining the country to benefit his former employer, Major League Baseball. This one guy, who's always going around making all these heteronormative comments, told me I probably couldn't watch the State of the Union address without yelling out that Bush was a fascist Nazi every minute. No way I'm gonna let this guy think that progressives don't have self-control, so I took him up on his bet. I went over to his house, and it was tough, but I made our movement proud... I was sweating, and almost lost it a couple of times, but I got all the way to the end of the foreign policy section when I yelled out: "Why don't you just invade Bolivia now, Bu-shaitan". My co-worker was still impressed, though. He said that I looked like this "Bud Light Daredevil" guy in some commercial, but I've never seen it, since C-SPAN doesn't show commercials.
Next week, I plan on watching the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies without yelling at the announcers to "Quit with all your jingoistic flag-worship
, already"... not even once.

I wish Fred well in his quest.

Disclaimer: For those who aren't aware of BlameBush!, it's a very clever satire site where the author and commenters mock and belittle the Democratic Underground / Daily Kos crowd by taking their comments to the next level.


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