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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

USS Providence Gets Around

The Norwich Bulletin is reporting that USS Providence (SSN 719) is returning home to Groton today at the conclusion of a far-flung deployment:
Providence participated in a US-Indian Sea Exercise Malabar 06, off the Indian coast of Goa, where the missions helped to strengthen ties between the Canadian, Indian and American forces.
While deployed, Providence also took part in a Japanese Maritime Self defense Force submarine competition that included other Pacific Command Area of Responsibility allies.
I'm thinking that if you went all the way from Groton to Japan and India, you might as well just go ahead and make it an "around the world" deployment; I wonder if that's what they did.

Welcome home, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is indeed what we did sir.
Even worse our deployment had a few extra days added due to that stupid Noreaster.

But we are home now and very happy to be with our families.

You've got a lot of good info here.

Keep it up.


ET1(SS) USS Providence (SSN-719)

4/23/2007 3:39 AM


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