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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today's San Fran News -- No News

This report from KUAM Guam says basically that the Navy is still assessing the damage and considering its options.
Since there's no new news, I thought I should bring my 5 or 6 readers up to date with some other blogs I enjoying visiting. (Actually, I've been getting a lot more visitors since last Saturday -- about 2,400 all told, mostly due to Blackfive's link and some very specific Google searches.)
For those of you new to the blogosphere, I think that the best place to start is at the home of the "Blog-father", Instapundit. Other good "mainstream" blogs include IMAO, A Small Victory, and Best of the Web.
Of the smaller blogs, I really enjoy the "mil-blogs" Citizen Smash, Mudville Gazette, and the above-mentioned Blackfive. Ninme, which I found via Hamilton's Pamphlet's, is my idea of the "perfect" small blog -- just posting on interesting things you find, and letting your audience know how you feel about it. My favorite sub-bloggers are Chapomatic and Bothenook; they've both expanded their interests beyond submarines to other items as well, but frequently have good posts on submarine life and news. Steve has a new entry to the sub-blogging world at Submarine Brotherhood. TechnoChitlins, Power and Control, and Pink Slip Central also offer consistently interesting reading.
Eventually I'll get the guts to try to insert a "blogroll" onto my blog so you can find these sites more easily, but right now I'm not confident enough with my HTML-editing "skillz" to try. Maybe this weekend...

Going deep...

Update 2136 19Jan: Congratulations to M. Simon at Power and Control for his Instalanche!

Update 0926 20 Jan: I can't believe I forgot to include CDR Salamander on my list of favorite mil-bloggers. He has the best blog "vision statement" of all time...


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Thank you! That is very, very nice of you to say! Very very very nice!

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