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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Navy Unit Awards

Ever wonder if one of your old boats got a unit award for an op you did, but you left before you found out about it? Here's a Navy website with a fairly up-to-date listing of unit awards that goes way back. Just click on "Unit Awards" and then "Query Unit Awards", and follow the directions.

The site also allows you to see which personal awards the Navy thinks you have. For example, I was able to find out that the Navy only has 2 of my 3 NAMs on record, and also doesn't have the Joint Commendation Medal I got from CENTCOM listed. At some point, I'll have to go through my stuff and get that updated...

...probably get to it about 2030. The year, not the time of day...


Blogger Dale B said...

The link doesn't seem to work. Do you need a .mil domain to get to it?

3/15/2006 3:36 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I just checked, and it worked fine for me from home. Maybe it was just down at the time...

3/16/2006 1:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope. still a year later and I checked it doesn't work. You have to have an i.d. with the chip and a pin # and or a log in. I can do it from work. Active Navy

12/02/2007 12:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just tried it from work. No option for a CAC logon and I don't have a username.

1/27/2009 8:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the is some missing information. If you can answer the following questions maybe more of could use it. First, where do we obtain a log in? Next, who operates this site? Next, does it apply to all current and former Navy personnel, or only a specific time frame? Finally, if there is an error how do you correct it?

thnx - bob

3/20/2009 8:20 AM

Anonymous ETC Edward Whitlock said... or do a search for NDAWS. This is the official Navy Awards site that lists all personal or unit awards. The personal awards are pretty much up to date, but unit citations may be a little off. I have 2 Navy E's that do not show up under my boat's name. But they have noth been received in the past year or so.

4/20/2009 8:45 AM

Anonymous said...

What namely you're saying is a terrible mistake.

10/24/2011 1:26 PM


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