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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Submariners Honor Their Own

G-man has a report on a group of submarine veterans in San Diego who've found a very appropriate way to honor the 52 WWII boats still on patrol. Excerpt:

"Next year, Dennis and the chapter's other members plan to dedicate what will be the largest monument ever to subs and submariners lost in World War II. The project, already approved by the City Council, has been in the works for more than a decade. "It will be the centerpiece of a 40-acre harbor-front park in Liberty Station, a new mixed-use development taking shape on the grounds of the former Naval Training Center at Point Loma, said Douglas Smay, 65, a club member who is leading the memorial campaign.
"Fifty-two American Liberty elm trees will shade two parallel footpaths on either side of a wide lawn.
"Beneath each tree, the veterans will place a monument to a submarine lost in World War II. A photo of the sub and its story, along with the names of its missing crew, will be etched in bronze."

If you're in San Diego, see what you can do to help this group make their dream to honor their shipmates a reality.


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