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Monday, November 13, 2006

"Save The Cheerleader... Save The World"

Without a doubt, the best new television show this season is "Heroes". Those of us with a "Y" chromosome in the Bubblehead household watch it religiously, and we think we've figured out which way the storyline is going...

Deepdiver delivered the breakthrough when he picked up that Radioactive Guy said that he might "blow up like an atomic bomb" if he got killed. We realized that the nuclear explosion Hiro saw in the future in Manhattan probably wasn't a terrorist bomb (this is a Hollywood production, after all, and they certainly couldn't have terrorists committing attacks against the U.S. -- only Homeland Security agents would be allowed to do that), but instead was Radioactive Guy blowing up. That's when we realize why they need to "save the cheerleader" -- she can heal herself, but she can probably also heal others, but just doesn't know it yet. Either that, or Whiny Brother can use his "leech" ability to heal Radioactive Guy, and keep him from exploding, as long as the Cheerleader is close enough. We're pretty sure that Reaches Through Walls Dad and Electronic Circuit-Fixing Son will be needed to get the team of heroes into the Secret Government Prison where Radioactive Guy is being held; also, Reads Minds Cop will be needed to figure out that Hot Girl is working for the bad Cheerleader's Dad guy (who is probably a Government Agent). We're thinking that Hiro will be able to save Google Girl, and she'll do something useful. We still can't figure out how Jumps High Politician or Junkie Artist will be needed for the climax, but they'll probably fit in somehow -- maybe they'll distract Crazy Nutjob Mom. And we hope that Boring Indian Professor has been written out of the storyline long before it gets to that point.

We can't wait to see how it turns out...


Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

Glad to see I am not the only one addicted. I would have been in the clear, too, if I hadn't got sucked in by the SciFi channel running a marathon of the episodes so far.

The predictions at my house are pretty similar to yours, although the ADM would like to see *more* of the Indian Professor, as he is, in her words, "A hot piece of vindaloo"

11/15/2006 3:24 PM


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