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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dixie Chicks: "Creative Integrity"

I saw the Grammy Award nominations came out today, and it looks like they've sunk to a new low, with Justin Freakin' Timberlake getting a nomination for Album of the Year(!) for his "SexyHairyBack" album (or whatever it's called). What interested me most, though, was seeing the Dixie Chicks nominated for both Song and Record of the Year for "Not Ready To Make Nice". This one wasn't a surprise; after all, the Chicks have been lionized by the media for their "courage" for releasing this song of non-repentance. Here's my question -- how many of you think they would have gotten nominated by the music establishment if they'd released the same song, with the same music and production values, and the same lyrical meter, only it was called "I'm Ready To Make Nice" and was an apology to their fans for offending them?

I didn't think so...


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