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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Congressman Bill Sali And Public Relations

There's an interesting article in today's Idaho Statesman about the problems our Congressman, Bill Sali, has had with his district director. While his staff is making all the right sounds about how the former state senator leaving after only five months is no big deal, it's fairly clear there's something else there. Congressman Sali himself apparently refused to be interviewed for the story; it's not like a Congressman should want to get his views out in the biggest newspaper in his district or anything. (/sarcasm)

Apparently, he and his remaining staff also don't feel the need to respond to questions submitted by constituents. Back in April, Adam challenged Idaho bloggers who don't support Bill Sali's policies to actually ask him to explain some of his seemingly inexplicable votes. I took him up on his challenge, and sent an E-mail to Congressman Sali through his website asking some questions. The website said I'd get a response in 2-6 weeks.

Well, it's been six weeks, and still no response. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; he didn't answer any of my questions during the campaign either, and he seems to be going out of his way to avoid any meaningful interaction with those who may oppose him (like he did during the campaign). I suppose it's time for a Letter to the Editor and see if that breaks anything loose.

Luckily, we in Idaho will have someone else to support for this seat in 2008. Larry Grant, who narrowly lost the 2006 run for this seat, has a website up that offers his views on what he would do differently as our Representative. And he has an option for readers to leave comments! That's something I bet you'll never see on a Bill Sali website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BH - just a thought.
A southpark republican may be a democrat out there, but by voting in a democrat out there you enable Barney Frank and the other clowns we have in congress from the great commonwealth of MA.
By voting democrat you folks out there put people like Ted Kennedy and leaky Leahy from VT in charge of some serious congressional committees. These are also the same people that favor the "immigration" bill.
I can't do anything to defeat Kennedy/Kerry here in MA, as the media is in their hip pockets, but I will send a few $$s to guys with gutts like Tancredo.
You may live in Idaho, but your vote gives power to people like Ted (capt oldsmobile) Kennedy.

6/08/2007 7:28 PM


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