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Friday, November 30, 2007

USNA Spirit Spot

With the Army-Navy game coming up on Saturday (followed by the inevitable Navy victory celebration Saturday afternoon) I looked around for any clever "Spirit Spots" (short videos, often with a humorous theme, made in support of a service academy athletic contest). While the submission from SUBASE New London doesn't seem to be available on the 'net yet, I found a fairly clever one from a USNA organization called the "2-8" (I'm assuming that's a company number or some such thing -- I'm not a USNA grad, obviously). While I'm not a big fan of the culture at the Naval Academy wherein 21 year old kids get to lord around over 18 year old kids, I can appreciate a good sense of humor about the absurdity of the situation, which I believe this video demonstrates (intentionally or not):

Go Navy, Beat Army!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me glad I did not go to Canoe U.

11/30/2007 5:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the game over and the Navy naturally the victor, I found it ironic that the Army had difficulty taking enemy territory to ensure victory...

12/01/2007 8:17 PM

Blogger Alicia said...

At least now I know what the hubby has been doing on goats on the boat. I cannot wait to see that video clip!

12/03/2007 7:36 AM

Blogger Alicia said...

Okay, After a little bit of searching, I found it.

I would have liked to see the unedited version.

12/03/2007 7:42 AM

Anonymous Dunvegan said...

If you didn't go to the Academy then who are you to judge and presume to know anything about it guy.

12/16/2007 7:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For real man. USNA develops premier leaders in the fleet. You first have to be a follower before you can be a leader, therefore upperclass lead 18-year olds.

1/11/2008 9:35 AM

Blogger Iain said...

Still no answer.... Guess you must still be questioning why you couldnt get into the USNA.

12/12/2009 12:25 AM

Blogger bai said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1/01/2010 4:51 PM

Blogger bai said...

Are spirit spots only for football games?

1/01/2010 4:52 PM

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