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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Like Walt Minnick

In response to my post about how I wasn't a big fan of my Congressman, Bill Sali, a reader wrote and pointed out that it's more helpful to be positive in politics than negative. I agree.

In November, rather than simply casting a vote against Bill Sali, I'll be voting for Walt Minnick. A successful businessman and Army veteran, Walt is a fiscal conservative and social moderate. He'll be able to counteract the more extreme elements of the Democratic Party in Congress while providing effective representation for our district.

(Also, for those who were wondering, I'm still planning on voting for John McCain for President. While moderates might not be welcome in the Idaho Republican Party, I think there's still room for us in the national one. That being said, I think we actually have two good candidates running for President. I recognize this is a minority opinion -- maybe I'm just an optimist at heart.)


Blogger John Byron said...

Pray that McCain doesn't crap out before the election. He be one tired, worn out frog...

7/18/2008 8:21 AM

Blogger Cameron said...

Wow. Minnick looks like an excellent candidate. One question though, do Democrats really like him, or is he not "Democratic" enough for them?

8/05/2008 10:17 AM


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