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Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Like This Result Better

Back in 1990, #3 Nebraska held a 12-0 lead over #9 Colorado going into the 4th quarter. CU scored 27 fourth quarter points for a 27-12 win.

Tonight, #24 Missouri held a 12-0 lead over #21 Nebraska going into the 4th quarter; the 'Huskers scored 27 unanswered fourth quarter points for a 27-12 win. I like being on the winning side of such games better.

(For those who wonder if 'Husker football is really important to Nebraskans, here's a clue -- I remembered this 1990 result without seeing any mention of it anywhere. It's ingrained into our DNA.)


Anonymous DDS Nuke said...

Suh is a beast!!!! He's the only reason the Huskers stayed close enough so that throwing on every down in a downpoor would finally start working...I kept wondering if Bill Callahan was calling these plays...oh well, good to finally get a win that counts.

10/09/2009 2:46 PM

Blogger SJV said...

Not sure if you were there, but a few years ago Nebraska came up to South Bend for a game. Stadium was mostly red from all the Husker fans who bought tickets from ND "Faithful". It was quite the statement when you consider the distance from...Omaha? Not sure what town UNE is located. Are there any towns other than Omaha IN Nebraska? ;>) Best wishes for a great season anyway!

10/10/2009 8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Big Red!

10/10/2009 8:45 AM

Anonymous dds nuke said...


Omaha = Lincoln

10/10/2009 7:42 PM

Blogger kwicslvr said...

Sorta like Texas's 28 second half points to beat CU last night, only 7 were offensive.

10/11/2009 8:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Lincoln ever in Nebraska?

Must be named after Pete Lincoln, the famous pipefitter.

10/11/2009 5:51 PM


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