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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

USS Maryland (Gold) CO Wins Stockdale Award

CDR Jeffrey M. Grimes, Commanding Officer of USS Maryland (SSBN 738) (Gold), was announced yesterday as the LANTFLT winner of the 2010 Stockdale Award. Excerpts:
Grimes reported aboard the Kings Bay, Ga.-based Maryland in 2007. Maryland received the 2008 and 2009 Commander, Submarine Squadron 20 "E" for battle efficiency and the 2008 Omaha Trophy for top performance among Trident submarines.
Grimes was chosen to mentor prospective commanding and executive officers as part of the Strategic Programs Prospective Commanding Officer/Executive Officer Course, and was nominated for the Stockdale Award by three fellow commanding officers, including Cmdr. Michael Katahara of the USS West Virginia (SSBN 736)(Blue Crew).
"A true team player, Cmdr. Grimes fosters a strong atmosphere of camaraderie and esprit de corps throughout the Kings Bay area," said Katahara, in his nomination letter. "A true mentor for peers and juniors alike, he has clearly displayed leadership which will establish a professional legacy in the submarine force for generations to come."
He'll receive his award Nov. 3 at the Pentagon. Congratulations, CDR Grimes!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stockdale award? What exactly is that? Seems to me; its getting like Little League.. Everyone gets a Trophy!

9/14/2010 2:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't know what it is, then perhaps you should find out before you make uninformed comments.

9/14/2010 4:15 PM

Anonymous LT L said...

You might want to check the prior award winners; this award is a king-maker:

[pdf warning]


9/14/2010 5:14 PM

Blogger DDM said...

Though not as prestigious as the ADM Stockdale Award, we had a CO who received the Jack Darby Award for Inspirational Leadership from the NSL. Oh, then he got fired.

All kidding aside, to have your fellow COs nominate you must be a great honor.

9/14/2010 6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is an exemplary Naval Officer and leader who demands the highest standards for himself and his crew. It has shown in MARYLAND's sustained superior performance and his leadership is even better reflected in three consecutive retention excellence awards.

9/14/2010 6:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was an officer on the other crew when CDR Grimes reported -- It was night and day difference from the beginning of his tour for the Gold crew. Given the description of the award, I'm not surprised to see CDR Grimes win it (although I would like to point out the Blue crew also had to perform for the Battle "E"s and Omaha Trophy ;)

Congrats to CDR Grimes on this impressive achievement!

9/14/2010 6:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately a king maker award! Some famous names on that list.

Speaking of king, this Captain is probably not going to be welcomed in the castle much longer:

Easy come, easy go!

9/14/2010 9:21 PM

Blogger MT1(SS)WidgetHead said...

Well Hells Bells!!...It doesn't surprise me in the least that he received it.

CDR Grimes did his XO tour on the 734(gold) almost seven years ago.

It's always nice to see a kick-ass
officer receive public reconnection for all his hard work he's completed in life.

9/14/2010 10:28 PM

Blogger Sandy Salt said...

I would have never thought Jeff would win such an outstanding award and congratualtions to him. I can't say that I am a fan, but it is good to see that he has turned things around and come into his own. After the Tennessee I wouldn't have given a warm bucket for him.

9/16/2010 5:47 PM

Blogger Sandy Salt said...

Hey Widget,

When were you on the TN?

9/16/2010 5:48 PM

Anonymous Boomerfag said...

Captain Grimes is the CO you want when the next war goes down. He demands excellence, and rewards performance.

10/14/2010 7:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Jeff!! Awesome job and great leadership! You were sorely missed on 734G, the guy behind you SUCKED! Keep up the hard work!

10/21/2010 3:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

admiral jack darby was my dad's first cousin. we think his award is prestige enough for anyone.

10/04/2011 1:23 AM

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Anonymous Pauline said...

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