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Saturday, March 09, 2013

One Guy Always Has To Go And Ruin It For Everyone Else

Not sure if this really happened or it's the Brit version of April Fool's Day, but check out this picture:

Here's the story that goes along with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There's always one isn't there? there will be no stoning until I blow this whistle."

3/09/2013 3:00 PM

Anonymous Glenn said...

Queens legs, not exactly where the should be.

3/09/2013 3:11 PM

Blogger Curt said...

Queens Knees...

3/09/2013 3:15 PM

Anonymous Glenn said...

Queens legs on HMS Churchill 1979 in San Diego.

3/09/2013 3:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i almost had this happen while drinking my fish at the hale koa, good times

3/09/2013 4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im glad that we haven't done anything like this....

Im glad that we don't glorify alcohol....


3/09/2013 6:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so sore from having my dolphins tacked on I just went to bed after work. Couldn't use my left arm for like 3 days, looked like I got hit by a car.
Did your boat have a 24 hour open season on new quals?

but I got qualified without going dink!

3/09/2013 8:23 PM

Anonymous Glenn said...

Kinda true in the 70's. Thanks Hagar. My rememberence. Drank mine in Guam. Don't remember the club on the base. Dinks that made it were taken care of too, not coddled though.
THANK YOU HAGAR, for being you. Old style. but schooled. Sadly you are hidden now.

3/10/2013 8:27 AM

Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

I remember seeing a similar picture in the sixties with a set of our dolphins in the SUBPAC Info Notes along with a dictum that drinking dolphins was no longer permitted. Since that was over forty years ago, I assume the dictum is still honored more in the breech than the observance.

3/10/2013 9:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my dolphins pinned on by the captain in front of the crew.... I was then told to get my ass to the conn to relieve the watch.

No Initiation (Hazing)

May 25th, 2009

3/10/2013 12:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I drank mine in Yokosuka during WESTPAC in 1984 (USS Plunger). My Chief was there to take care of me and make sure things went well.

Like Hagar, I was pretty sore the next day from the tacking but it is still one of the most memorable achievements in my career.

Jim C.
Retired ANAV

3/10/2013 6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While waiting for more comments on swallowing fish, this turned up:

NCIS is investigating the untimely death of a sailor at the Groton base.

3/12/2013 4:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think HAGAR actually tacked mine, back on the now-toasty Miami.


3/14/2013 7:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shiznit! You know Commodore Russ transferred not too long ago? He was your communicator. I really didn't tack dolphins on, mostly just tapped them and congratulated. Good hearing from you. 20 years isn't enuf for that painter on the Miami.
farking corksucker he be.


3/14/2013 9:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ I go to rub one out again over the "anonymous" link to your ridiculously stupid blog.

3/15/2013 4:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Vagipus ever had anyone actually make a comment on his blog?

Not even Mulligan??

3/15/2013 10:03 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minesweeper-on-the-Rocks update:

Superstructure is of ship to be cut up soon (photos and article).

3/18/2013 12:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

IRT "Anonymous"'s link to the other blog, "We can readily discount medical causes of death, however, because the submarine medical program is highly competent." He really needs to stop saying things like that. We don't need people dying in convulsive fits of laughter.

3/18/2013 2:00 PM

Blogger Mike Mulligan said...

So another Frankenstein vacuum cleaner burst out in flames in the sonar dome area....

What if there were two arsonist-terrorist on the USS the first one a patsy...

I think they are killing the USS Miami because they low balled the repair bill in order to appease the politicians...

3/18/2013 2:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For which woman will another new navy submarine be named in the next 3-4 years? Author chooses F; I tend to agree.

3/18/2013 3:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray Mabus will man up this time and not give in to mere whim or political pressure.

That being said, the next submarine will be named the USS Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, who will be quoted subsequently as saying "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country."

3/18/2013 6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vaginus alert. He's naming girl submarines now.

3/18/2013 10:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one star is out. As soon as Joel starts a thread for it I will list the submariners.

3/19/2013 12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said... the Virginia Class is going to be renamed the Vagina Class. What's next, the USS Mulligan?

3/19/2013 4:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/19/2013 5:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, so that would be the submariners off of last year's two star list. Thanks for trying, though.

One star list will be officially announced Friday.

3/19/2013 7:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Carriers worth it? An argument to get rid of carriers and buy more SSGNs. Good Read. Go Subs!

3/20/2013 7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting Read.

3/21/2013 7:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, Japan and US had this argument in WWII. We invested in carriers; Japan didn't. We won.

Next question.

3/21/2013 9:30 AM

Blogger Bubblehead1283 said...

^^^^^^ Yeah, they doesn't really apply in todays world. Read the source document to that article.

We had a dozen or so carriers in WWII. They weren't nearly as complicated as the ones that we have today. They also weren't 14 billion dollars. If a mine or a missile were to sink one our carriers, we would be up shit creek with out a paddle. How long would it take to repair a carrier? A lot longer than a WWII carrier.

3/21/2013 11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dipshit,

Review the battle of Midway and Coral Sea.

Next Question.

3/21/2013 12:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who you're responding to. The Battle of Midway pitted 3 US carriers vs. 4 Japanese carriers and two battle ships (among various other escort ships on both sides).

The battle of Coral Sea was 2 vs 2 with various escort crafts.

In both cases, the Japanes brought more raw tonnage to bear (and more cannon fodder for our superior jets and pilots, particularly the 2 battleships).

So what that has to do with the aircraft carrier question, I don't know, as both sides used them.

3/21/2013 12:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realize we were flying jets off our carriers during WWII. Cool.

Our military in general needs to be downsized drastically if for no other reason to keep fucktards like GWB (and the merry band of ass clowns who were telling him what to do) from doing things like invading Iraq for absolutely no reason.

3/21/2013 5:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon@1754 - What, didn't ya know "The Final Countdown" was based on a true story?

3/21/2013 8:47 PM

Blogger Henson said...

The general ignorance of WWII on both sides of this argument is really just breathtaking from a community that spends so much time and energy remembering its own glory days from that same time period. "Dozen or so carriers?" "Superior?" "Jets?"

Sheesh. Why not just claim that submarines won Savo Island while we're at it?

And to top it off, you guys are beating each other up over the ignorance you mirror. How about we park the debate firmly back into the modern day (when there actually ARE things like "jets on carriers") and then discuss the point at hand.

3/22/2013 6:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@anon 3/18/2013 2:00 PM
Reminds of the time cs2 showed me how he could squeeze his eye and "goo" came out after doc punched a hole in his eye while attempting to remove his contact with a hypodermic needle.

3/22/2013 10:37 AM

Anonymous Glenn said...

Whoa! Been away a week, WTF happened here. The guy swallowed his fish.....probably going to be OK. Did this have to get ti CS2? Sheesh. we used to have fun when we got our fish. I don't remember talking about tactics, strategic doctrine, Hillary's pant suits, or the future while puking in the head after drinking my fish. I DO remember that my shipmates took care of me, waking up on the boat and standing TSPOTW the next day, with my fish on my chest proud as a peacock.

3/22/2013 3:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh BTW, we're making massive cuts due to the sequester and increasing nuke incentive pay for high-ranking officers.

3/24/2013 7:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great time to be a submariner! The Golden Children! The untouchables.

3/24/2013 8:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flag list is out!

3/25/2013 6:02 PM

Blogger Curt said...

Flag Officer Announcements -- Caudle, Crites, Kearney, Merz, Mar. 25

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced today that the President has made the following nominations:

Navy Capt. Daryl L. Caudle for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Caudle is currently serving as chief of staff, commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Navy Capt. Randy B. Crites for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Crites is currently serving as branch head, Operations and Analysis Directorate, N80, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C.

Navy Capt. Thomas J. Kearney for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Kearney is currently serving as major program manager for Undersea Weapons Program Executive Office for Submarines, Washington, D.C.

Navy Capt. William R. Merz for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Merz is currently serving as chief of staff, commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va

3/26/2013 7:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complete List

3/26/2013 8:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was the last time a COMSUBPAC COS made flag? It used to be commonplace (e.g., Roger Bacon, Frank Butterworth, Jack West, etc.), but it hasn't been so for a number of years.

3/26/2013 1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ Well, the pickings were slim, and the current Commandant of Midshipmen at USNA.....Well.......Once a rock, always a rock ---

The process worked for a change, and all 1120s here are top drawer. Hopefully Bubblehead will start a thread so the bashing and told you so can commence in submarine tradition!

3/26/2013 2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@anon 2:59PM

Here! here!

“Just Give Me a Ping, Vasili. One Ping Only”

3/27/2013 6:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ Well, the pickings were slim, and the current Commandant of Midshipmen at USNA.....Well.......Once a rock, always a rock ---

Not sure what that means, but the Dant should have got a star.

3/28/2013 7:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/28/2013 7:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't understand the Clark Non-pick. I guess it goes to show, it is not the merit of the officer but the people you know. two COS Picks.....

3/28/2013 11:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't think Clark was well-known? Last year's board president was ADM Willard - and Clark had been his EA. Sometimes it's the fact that people know you too well.

3/28/2013 12:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does that mean? Do you have any clue what you are spewing. Served with him at SUBRON4 and had no problems. I know others that served with him on the double deuce.. again, no problems. Guess standing firm instead of kissing ass gets you no where these days. Ahhh the new Navy, gotta love it.

3/28/2013 2:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^ Clueless Squqadron F*ck! ^^

I challenge you to name one person who served under him on the "Double Douche" who didn't think he was a screamer, a rock, ....

And for kissing ass, well - you can only paint the pig so much - it's still a pig.

Glad the process worked for a change, as all 1120s chosen this year are top rate (including both COSs)

3/28/2013 2:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/28/2013 5:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must have happened after the relief of some poorly performing predecessors in the Command that had less of a hand-on approach than a Command should properly have.

3/28/2013 5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met him once. He claimed he could bench over 250 lbs. He can't, and probably never could. That's all you need to know about the man.

3/28/2013 8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't get put in the position of DANT if you are not doing something right. His 30 years in were successful. Some of these posters seem to be unhappy little men who probably got their pee pee slapped for doing something wrong.

3/29/2013 11:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ Got the dant job in his usual way - couldn't produce results as usual though

Didn't get my pee pee slapped and not mad or frustrated here.

Just glad we've saved the force from more BS.

3/30/2013 8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We, of course, were NOT allowed to tack in the mid 90's when I got pinned. I was 'lucky' enough to have my fish pinned on by some random commodore of Squadron 2; "We're proud of you... blah blah blah." I love riders!

In either case, we had no tacking. I did notice that a lot of salties seemed to suddenly lose their sea legs for that first few days. Seemed like I had to catch a bunch of people to keep them from falling.

I swear they lined up in the tunnel on my way to puff my first qualified smoke. I had time to smoke since I was done with quals after all.

5/18/2013 6:08 PM


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