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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Russian Sub Visits France

This article from The Moscow News discusses the visit of a Russian Akula II submarine, the Vepr, to Brest, France. It states the visit is the first foreign port visit by a Russian nuclear sub. I suppose this might be true, to a point. A Soviet Charlie I nuclear submarine was leased to India from 1988 to 1991 and operated as INS Charka with a Soviet crew under an Indian captain, obviously entering Indian ports at that time. However, since that was a Soviet sub, vice Russian, I suppose the article could still be accurate. I can't find any evidence to support this, but I would be very surprised if Soviet nuclear subs didn't visit Cam Ran Bay (spelling varies) in Vietnam during the 80's. Again, though, these would have been Soviet, vice Russian, boats.
I wouldn't read too much into this with regard to French cooperation with the Russians at U.S. expense. Russia, as a member of the Partnership for Peace, routinely conducts naval operations with NATO members. (OK, maybe not routinely, but whenever they can afford it.) I'm just happy for the crew that their submarine was able to make it all the way from home port near Murmansk to the Atlantic...

Going deep...

Update: A French source for the same story. This one mentions a safe navigation treaty that will be signed in conjunction with the exercise as well.


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