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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Stupid Analogies

No earth-shaking submarine news today, so I went searching for examples of stupidity to mock and belittle. Didn't take much searching, it turns out. In the Letters to the Editor section of my local newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, I found this gem. (Last letter, titled "Bush is misguided".)

Excerpt: "If George W. Bush had been president on Dec. 7, 1941, he would have declared war on a country like Spain rather than on Germany and Japan. Despite the fact that it was Japan that had attacked the United States, Bush would have argued that Spain was the real threat to world security."

Of course, we know that President Roosevelt actually did concentrate the majority of our resources to defeat Germany, which, as we know, had nothing to do with the "so-called sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor, never used WMDs in WWII (despite using them in a previous war), and had probably been wronged in the grossly unfair Versailles peace treaties following WWI by the imperialistic Western powers. Also, since we had been an ally of Italy in WWI, we shouldn't have been able to go to war with them. (Note: The previous two sentences were "writ ironical"; since I'm a new blogger, I figure I may have to specify this so I don't appear to be part of the lunatic fringe on either side of the political spectrum.)
A better analogy to the Coalition's attack on Iraq, of course, is to compare it to what probably would have happened if the Western powers had confronted Germany following the remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936. President Bush's resolve in taking this politically risky action will be the subject of a later post.


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