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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another Update on HMCS Chicoutimi Fire

CNN has a fairly decent article providing updates on the Canadian submarine fire. As I had guessed below, it looks like it was an electrical fire that will keep them from running the diesels. This article raises the number of injured to nine; hopefully, no one was injured too badly. And, as expected, the opponents of submarines are out in force explaining how they are too dangerous/expensive to operate.

In other submarine news, there is an article on Foster's Online about the politics involved in submarine shipyard work. The article is fairly self-explanatory (I think the "private shipyard" they're referring to is Electric Boat in Groton, CT), but it does have one glaring mistake. The opening sentence talks about refueling the submarine; however, the Hartford is not due for refueling for several years. The article says later that the contract in question is for a DMP (Depot Modernization Period) as opposed to an ERO (Engineered Refueling Overhaul). Conclusion: The reporter got confused from all the acronyms being thrown around, and the editor didn't know enough about the subject either...

Going deep....

Update: Here's an article from the BBC, which includes a map. This is a nasty area in the autumn to try to do any personnel transfers in...


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