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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Update on Canadian Sub Fire

This article from seems to have the most up-to-date information. It confirms that the fire came from an electrical panel, and says "several" crew members were treated for smoke inhalation. It also says that they'll have to deal with 20 foot waves tonight while waiting for a tow... should be a tough night for the crew. (For the uninitiated, since submarines don't have keels, they tend to roll quite a bit in the waves if you're on the surface; can be quite tough on those with "delicate constitutions", i.e. those who get seasick easily...)
This is becoming a big story; CNN even posted an article. Also, those lovable loonies at the Democratic Underground have a discussion thread on the fire. I admit I'm a little disappointed with this discussion, though; most of them seem somewhat reasonable, and no one suggests that Karl Rove caused the fire in order to deflect attention from the VP debate tonight, as they normally do whenever anything happens. For those who haven't visited the Democratic Underground before, it's quite instructive as far as what can happen if you don't follow the doctor's prescribed dosages... The best analogy (simile?) I have heard for them is that they are like the inmates at an insane asylum, staring out through the bars of their cells, wondering why everyone doesn't think like they do. Now before you just think that I only make fun of liberal loonies, have no fear. I also monitor The Free Republic, and will discuss any idiocies I see there from the right...

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