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Friday, January 13, 2006

IHopeIHopeIHope This Is True

According to ABC News, Pakistani military sources are saying Al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri may have been among the dead in an apparent Predator attack early this morning in northern Pakistan:

"U.S. intelligence for the last few days indicated that Zawahiri might be in the location or about to arrive, although there is still no confirmation from U.S. officials that he was among the victims.
"The attack took place early this morning Pakistan time in a small village a few miles from the border with Afghanistan.
"Villagers described seeing an unmanned plane circling the area for the last few days and then bombs falling in the early morning darkness."

The New York Times, on the other hand, has a different slant on this attack:

"Witnesses from the village said that 14 of the dead belonged to one family. Sahibzada Haroon Rashid, a tribal parliamentarian from the region, whose village, Gung, is next to Damadola, claimed to have seen a drone surveying the area some hours before the attack.
"The drone has been flying over the area for the last three, four days and I had a feeling that something nasty was going to happen," Mr. Rashid said in a telephone interview from Bajaur.
"I was awakened from deep slumber by the noise of the drone and then, together with thousands others who, too, had been woken up by the plane's noise, saw jets targeting the area," Mr. Rashid said. "One plane circled the area and dropped illuminating flares and the other planes fired missiles. There were loud explosions." He said that the planes had targeted three houses, all belonging to jewelry dealers in a nearby town.
"The houses have been razed to the ground. There is nothing left," Mr. Rashid said after visiting the scene. "Pieces of the missiles are scattered all around. The impact of the explosions have been huge, everything has been blackened in a 100 meter radius." United States military spokesmen in Afghanistan and at the Pentagon said they had no reports of American aircraft active in the area at the time of the reported explosions."

I just hope we killed the bastard...


Blogger Vigilis said...

BH, very interesting. DEBKA file is reporting a CIA-controlled Predator even fired a Hellfire air-to-ground missle about 0330 Friday. Supposedly, the CIA has employed this method in the past to attack high-value terrorists.

Five foreigners were killed. Their dead bodies were removed by locals immediately after the strikes. The death of Dr. Zawahiri can only be confirmed once his dead body is recovered.

1/14/2006 6:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears that we missed. (Dang it!) But the MSM is screaming about collateral damage, as usual. They just don't get it. This is WAR!

1/14/2006 12:34 PM


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