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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update on HMS Talent Court-Martial

I previously discussed the court-martial for former HMS Talent CO, Captain Robert Kenneth Tarrant, here and here. The prosecution is still presenting witnesses, as today's summary discusses:

"The nature of the reprimands given by the captain on Talent were different to reprimands on every other submarine I have served on," the former lieutenant told the hearing.
"They were vicious, vindictive, personal reprimands which left the individual, myself with the over-riding view that I was not capable of doing my job and not fit to be an officer.
"I saw Captain Tarrant regularly reduce members of the ship's company to quivering wrecks, tearful, extremely shaken and upset - that was a regular occurrence.
"He was a big, larger than life character and was particularly demeaning and threatening in these situations."

A Commander who worked with Captain Tarrant ashore, though, pointed out that the Captain Bligh wannabe didn't use naughty words:

"Commander Stace added that Tarrant would restrict his tirades to a professional style, meaning that he did not use swear words in his admonishments."

That's gotta count for something...

Update 0818 12 Jan: Here's an updated report, with another story from a shore duty guy who was made to feel bad by Captain Tarrant.


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