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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

USS Columbus Hazing -- More News

I've been getting a lot of good comments, including from a former Columbus Sailor and a commenter who says he's the father of the Senior Chief who's been charged (his comments are here and here), in my previous post on the USS Columbus (SSN 762) hazing story. This post is basically just to move the topic nearer the top of my blog.

The Navy Times came out with a story today that pretty much has the same information as the previous reporting in the Kitsap Sun; this story, in a more "national" publication, should mean that the bigger newspapers, unfortunately, will be picking the story up. (I say "unfortunately" because there's really no way the Sub Force can come out of this looking very good. We knew it would happen, though.)

I'll add updates to this post as they come out the next few days. Staying at PD...

Update 0003 26 April: The Columbus hazing story is on the cover of Navy Times, and in an article in the Kitsap Sun (annoying registration required), the father of the Senior Chief charged with failing to report the hazing wants to know why the senior leadership of the submarine hasn't been publicly disciplined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got an email from a friend. Thought it would add an interesting post to your blog.

The commanding officer of USS Columbus has been relieved of his post today "due to loss of confidence" in his leadership, according to the Navy.

The action against Cmdr. Charles Marquez comes after seven Columbus sailors were charged in connection with the alleged hazing and assault of fellow crew members. (Dates for the sailors' courts martial have changed a bit since my last story. The first are now scheduled to begin next week.)

Capt. Scott Bawden, commodore of Submarine Squadron 17 at Bangor submarine base, relieved Marquez due to concerns about his "ability to establish and maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct, provide the crew a safe, positive, professional environment in which to work, and maintain good order and discipline," according to a statement from the Navy.

Effective today, Marquez is replaced by Capt. Brian McIlvaine, former commander of the Trident submarine USS Ohio.

6/13/2006 7:12 PM

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