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Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Unofficial" Submarine Patches

As I was blogging about the new USS Georgia patch in the post below, I started thinking about the "unofficial" patches that different groups on the boat would come up with. They were always very inventive, if sometimes a little vulgar. On Connecticut, the midwatch nuke guys (we stuck the drill monitors on midwatch for an ORSE workup, so they got essentially no sleep) came up with their own patch that was quite humorous, despite the fact that it had a really bad word on it.

A reader let me know about an interesting patch from USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN 618). The patch, from this web page. Here's how the patch originated:
The 618 Gold crew in the late 1960's was pretty tight and we had a great CO by the name of Purdum. Somehow we got know as a bunch of pirates -- I think the XO of the blue crew had something to do with it....
The patch itself is here:

In my post below, I was talking about how it was hard to read the "SSBN" part on the Georgia's original, pre-SSGN logo. For the "Purdum's Pirates" patch, apparently someone noticed that if you turned the patch upside down, the Olde English lettering in the "SSBN 618" spelled out something completely different:

Can you see it?

Speaking of submarine logos, the N77 website has a couple of pages of official ship's seals they put together a few years ago that included the logos of most of the boats in commission in about 1998; the one for Los Angeles-class boats is here, and the one for Ohio-class SSBNs is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider the "USS Lafayette--Urban Removal" patch that made the New London Day...

6/04/2007 6:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not quite a patch but...

I spent alot of time removing the "1"s from my SSN-691 hats.

Ahhh, to be young again.

6/04/2007 9:00 AM

Blogger Brainy435 said...

I was in M-div on the USS Miami in the late '90's. Us nukes made up their own patch, "Miami Water and Power" with a thunder bolt, a showerhead and a few radiation symbols. I have it around here somewhere... if i find it I'll send you a pic.

6/05/2007 7:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reference to SSN-22, when did the Nukes do that?

6/05/2007 12:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll have to dig out my old Pintado Power and Light t-shirt we had made up. The front had our special insignia and the back had a list of "tour dates" under the heading of "Nukes Steaming for Coner Liberty".

The command didn't take a very good view of them and confiscated as many as they could get their hands on, but I had already sent mine home.

6/05/2007 2:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some Westpac patches I will scan. Maybe this should be a regular feature. I won't scan the PI t-shirts know Sonarman do it with bottom bounce, etc.

6/06/2007 6:02 PM

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Anonymous Don Northrop STSCS(SS) Ret said...

I was on the TJ Gold post 68 overhaul with Captain Purdum. The patch originated during overhaul at Newport News when the Captain distracted the topside watch of the George Washington while Phil Webber and Jim Denbleyker stole their ship's whistle. Jack Kerr was the TJ's XO at the time.
Purdum had been the youngest boomer skipper ever when he came aboard. Best skipper I ever had. So many stories and all true. Not one "no shitter" among them.

1/03/2012 10:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don, Neither Phil Weber or I were on the Thomas Jefferson during the Newport News overhaul. If we had, we might have, but no it wasn't us.

Jim DenBleyker

2/11/2013 1:41 PM


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