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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

USS New Mexico

This article says that the sixth Virginia class submarine, SSN-779, will be named USS New Mexico. See my earlier post discussing my feelings on the naming of submarines. This one, I figure, makes as much sense as any other name.

Going deep...

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Blogger bothenook said...

they lost me when they started nameing 637s away from fish. the russel comes to mind. this tradition of naming fast attacks after fish, and boomers after famous people made a lot of sense, especially when they used president's names. i suppose they had to change when the ran out of presidents, but i know they didn't use them all.
political capital is good to have, and i suppose the navy would be remiss in not gathering as much as they could, but it sure makes it hard to talk about the ustafish to a modern submariner. they don't even understand the term.

11/16/2004 8:13 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

The last few years I was in, boat sailors would talk about "Usta City" for attack boats, and "Usta State" for boomers. With the Parche gone now, that leaves only Seawolf with a "traditional" submarine name.

11/16/2004 8:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left the Drum (SSN 677) in 1980 and went to new construction on the Michigan. Hated it and worked for a year to get off of it. The crew had not split yet and the boomer mentality was not mine. I cross-decked over to the La Jolla (SSN 701). I did not like the naming of submarines after cities and states but got used to layout and the construction. As an aganger, I liked the room, the ability to get repair parts and most of all, the newness of the boat. The boat had lots of speed but the long after-deck caused it to be sucked up to the surface if it caught a trough.

1/24/2005 2:19 PM

Blogger ayura said...

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