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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Petty Officer Ashley (SSN-711 Sailor) Info

Here's a story from an Ohio TV station website that has information, and a picture, of MM2(SS) Joseph Ashley, who was killed in the line of duty onboard USS San Francisco (SSN-711) this weekend. (Hat tip: Kurt)
A more personal remembrance piece from the Akron Beacon Journal is here (free registration required). A sample:

``When he had his heart set on something, he would try his best to get it done,'' said his mother. ``I always told him to do what he wanted to do in life, but to be the best at it and to always try his hardest."
One day he came home and shared his future plans.
``He said, `Mom I passed the Navy test; I'm going to do what daddy did. He always excelled in what he did.' ''
He made rank in minimal time and was named Junior Sailor of the Year for the entire Guam naval base.''

I had one shipmate pass away when I was on USS Connecticut (SSN 22). We were in new construction, and he died in an accident at home. He never went to sea on the boat; he earned his dolphins riding other boats while our ship was being built. His mother said his greatest goal was to take the Connecticut out to sea, so when we went out on our second underway, the ship's company committed his remains to the deep. MM3(SS) Richard Keen, was and remains to this day, my shipmate. In the same way I honor Petty Officer Keen, the officers and crew of the San Francisco will always remember and honor Joseph Ashley.

Going deep...

Update 0730 12 January: Welcome, Blackfive readers! Blackfive is one of my favorite mil-bloggers, and the winner of the 2004 Mil-Blogger of the Year award.


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