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Friday, January 07, 2005

Those Wacky Mullahs!

Here's a good one. The Iranian Navy commander, in the Tehran Times, rejects a report that Israeli Dolphin-class submarines entered the Persian (Arabian) Gulf to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities at Bushehr with Harpoon missiles. They don't specify who started the rumors, other than to say that it was part of a "psychological warfare program being waged against Iran by the Zionist media." Let's think, how would the Israeli submarines get to Iran? Well, they could go through the Suez Canal, but I really doubt that Egypt would allow it. That leaves circumnavigating Africa with small, 1,700 ton boats, with no friendly ports of call to reprovision. Could it be done? Sure. Would only the most gullible, ignorant morons believe it would happen? Most definitely. I expect to see of discussion of this soon over at my favorite website, the headquarters of the asylum patients staring out of the windows of their padded cells, wondering why the rest of the world is so messed up: The Democratic Underground.

Update: Why, here it is! The DU discussion of this vital issue.

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