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Friday, January 21, 2005

Where Are They Now?

(Intel source: Western Standard) We all remember the bravery of the various "human shields" who went to Iraq in the leadup to the opening of the Iraqi front in the Global War on Terror. After they protected various orphanages and hospitals from the merciless coalition bombing, they all drifted off to their homes, or caves, or wherever else they lived. Now, they're being called to once more defend freedom! 2nd LT Lance Frizzell, a Medical Platoon Leader from the Tennessee National Guard currently in northern Iraq, sees a need for them again:

Well, I think I have just the job for these globe-travelers: Iraq Election Poll Worker. They are familiar with the terrain and people, they have a self-professed desire to help and they seem very articulate. However, their biggest asset is bravery. If they are willing to hunker down between Coalition Forces and a bridge, standing between a foreign terrorist and a polling precinct should be no big deal. Any takers?

I'll stand aside while all these brave champions of freedom rush to Baghdad... hmm, where are they? Or is it possible that they were just anti-American, rather than pro-Iraqi?

Going deep...

Back at PD 0748 21 Jan: From the comments for this post, here is a link to a true example of bravery, as opposed to the "human shields" discussed above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want an example of real courage, look into the story of Rick Rescorla. Link to Belmont Club blog
or Mudville Gazette

I'll stand by a Rick Rescorla verses a Ken O’Keefe any day.

Pride Run Deep - Silent Service

1/21/2005 7:25 AM


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