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Monday, February 07, 2005

Items of Interest Around the 'Net

Stars and Stripes has an update on the current status of USS San Francisco.

Via the incomparable Ninme, I found an excellent summary of the current status of Afghanistan by Chrenkoff.

Here we have a Canadian Conservative politician using the fire aboard HMCS Chicoutimi as ammunition in his fight against sending Canadian troops to Iraq. I guess like most Americans, I don't really understand as much about Canadian politics as I should. If this is the level of discourse they're reduced to, though, I don't think I'm missing very much.

In a move unexpected by everyone who doesn't understand military procurement plans in a tight-budget era, the Navy is planning to reduce its planned warship buy rate for destroyers and Virginia class submarines.

Finally, HMS Sceptre is ready to leave Gibraltar.

Going deep...


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