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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quotes from Carter Crewmembers

This Navy Newstand news release describes the interaction between the Carter family and Jimmy Carter crew during the recent commissioning weekend; it was gratifying for me to see some of my old shipmates mentioned.

Carter administered the reenlistment oath to Senior Chief Storekeeper Travis Tovar, a Port Washington, Wis., native.
“Incredible,” said Tovar, a Sailor for 18 years. “It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in the Navy.”
Carter has made it a habit to write personal letters to each crewman when the Sailor has reached a professional or personal milestone, such as advancement in rate or the birth of a child. Submariners share a bond of mutual dependence that draws them together, the former president explained.

Senior Chief Travis, in addition to being an outstanding SK, is also a really good first baseman for the boat's team, which won the SUBASE softball championship last year.

Also, Tom Bridge, the brother of a Carter crewman, has some personal reports from the commissioning here and here.

Update 1304 22 Feb: Ernie pointed me to a humorous Cox & Forkum cartoon about the Carter. In the AP article attached to the cartoon, I like how it describes the Carter as "the most heavily-armed submarine ever built" -- I guess the AP writer never heard of SSBNs.


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