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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ex-CO Greeneville Update

Via The Sub Report, here's an article that updates the current activities of CDR Scott Waddle, CO of USS Greeneville (SSN-772) when she collided with the Japanese fishing vessel; this article is provided for your information without comment by me. Additionally, there's also a report out on the on-going negotiations between Russia and India regarding India's potential lease/purchase of a couple Akula class nuclear attack boats, which I'd comment on if I didn't have to get up for work in six hours...

Going deep...


Blogger ninme said...

Oh, so *that's* why you emailed me at 4.33 am.

Well, we can wait for you to get home for all your brilliant commentary.

*ninme waits patiently*

3/16/2005 11:40 AM


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