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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

San Francisco Sailors Speak

Expect this, from KUAM, to be the first of many articles in which submariners of the San Francisco will be able to talk to the press openly. Excerpt:

"...Cornelius continued to explain, "I can assure you that my fiends and coworkers that are part of navigation would have never have done anything intentional to bring the ship into any harm, let alone let so many people were injured and Joseph was killed in the ordeal. We're all friends and they would never do that so it's just unfortunate the turn of events. There's a lot of lessons learned a lot of good practices that are coming out in the Navy's training programs to reevaluate how we do business undersea underway."
"But one important life lesson Cornelius has learned is the brotherhood that is shared between he and his fellow submariners. "Submarines are always known to be a tight-knit group that they're always there for each other," he added. "But it couldn't be more shown enough underway when that day people were uninjured people were ripping off there clothes to bandage their friends and then pulling together to get that ship to get back to their homeport to get back to their family and friends. It's absolutely amazing - absolutely amazing."

Nothing more needs be said...

Update 1714 11 May: Here's another article with interviews with more San Fran Sailors from Pacific News Daily.


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