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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bushes in Idaho

President Bush is finishing up his visit to Idaho today with a talk to Idaho National Guardsmen and their families in Nampa. A good percentage of the state's Army Guard is deployed in Iraq with the 116th Brigade Combat Team. The local paper has done a fairly good job of sending journalists over there and getting the word out about the good work they're doing.

Going deep...

Update 1259 24 Aug: The President gave a really good speech that focused mostly on the contributions of the National Guard and Reserves to the War on Terror. Significantly, throughtout the speech he called the war what it is: a war. He didn't call it the "Worldwide Argument Versus Extremist Reprobates" (WAVER) or use some other Rumsfeldian catchphrase. Combined with the rejection of the DoD plan to close Groton, it looks like the score today is Common Sense 2, Rumsfeldian-inspired Change for the Sake of Change 0.


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