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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Found On The Web This Weekend

Here's some stuff I read surfing around this weekend:

Fellow Ultraquiet No More sub-blogger Gus Van Horn provides links to good stuff he found this weekend.

Zoe Brain has some good thoughts, with documentary evidence, of some of the controversy surrounding the Cindy Sheehan media storm. (Of note, most people I talk to about it think that President Bush should meet with her. When they find out that he has met with her already, though, they change their minds.)

Not really found on the web, but read in my local newspaper, is evidence that in Idaho, not all the moonbats are of the black helicopter kind. With President Bush coming to the state tomorrow, the Idaho Statesman asked readers to send in letters to the President for them to publish. They got some doozies:

Lewis B. Smith (third letter down) has clearly been visiting Democratic Underground to come up with some of his 9/11 questions:
"There are creditable challenges of omissions and distortions to the original 9-11 Commission's Report. Among questions are the following: Why were jet fighters, which would have intercepted the hijacked airliners, involved in war games that day? Why were alternate fighters not appointed to safeguard the towers, which were known to be likely targets of terrorists? Why were bomb-sniffing dogs removed from regular duty in the towers several days before 9-11? Why did firefighters report hearing explosions that morning? Why was Building 7 detonated when it was not struck? Why were steel remnants loaded and hauled away before inspections for explosives could be made? Why were stock-market put options made just before 9-11?"

Rhoda Zaph (second letter down) has enough downright wrong information that I wonder at what point are the editors of a Letters to the Editor section required to state that the claims made in the letter are completely fabricated:
"The best thing you could do for Idaho and the United States is resign from office. In the 4 1/2 years that you have been in office, you have demonstrated repeatedly that you are the least intelligent (1.9 GPA, low IQ), most inarticulate (evident every time you speak), most incompetent (failed to read numerous memos from intelligence agencies prior to 9/11 stating a terrorist attack was imminent, raised the national budget to astronomical levels and more than tripled the national debt), have the most questionable past (alcohol use), and are the most dishonest man ever to sit in the Oval Office (altered documents written by the EPA, encouraged the vice president to have secret meetings to establish an energy policy that would create billions of dollars in profit for the oil companies, and lied about reasons to attack Iraq, where almost 1,900 military men and women have died and 13,000 have been injured)."

While it is debatable that "alcohol use" indicates a questionable past, the story of the low IQ and 1.9 GPA have been so thoroughly discredited that I'm surprised they let it slip through.

John Post brings up the "super-secret" PNAC plan for world domination (which he points out is available on their website):
"During the '90s, your brother Jeb, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld and Ms. Rice, among other current members of your administration, wrote a policy paper as members of the Project for a New American Century. Well before 9/11, PNAC advocated removing Saddam and using the military power built up under Reagan to further our national/corporate interests worldwide. The PNAC Web site has all the details."

And finally, from the right, comes Jim Higgins (third letter down) who is concerned about the dangers of immigration:
"Get your head out of the sand and deal with this problem before all of America becomes a third-world country run by the gangs of terrorists migrating across the open borders. One only needs to see the devastation of Southern California to see the writing on the wall — it's called graffiti."

Funny, I didn't see too much devastation when I lived in SoCal last year -- except for when traffic backed up for miles because everyone was slowing down to look at a shoe or something on the side of the interstate.

And for those who clicked on the link above to the story about "Where is Donnelly, Idaho", it's about 90 miles north of Boise. Subbasket graduated from McCall-Donnelly High School, so I guess her area will be famous for the next couple of days.

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