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Monday, September 19, 2005

Current Sub Homeports

From the indispensible Ron Martini, here's a listing of the current Sub Force organizational chart, derived from and accurate as of the publishing date of the latest issue of Undersea Warfare magazine, with links to each ISIC's homepage:


Groton, CT
Seawolf SSN-21
Jacksonville SSN-699
Providence SSN-719
Pittsburgh SSN-720
Springfield SSN-761
Montpelier SSN-765
PCU Texas SSN-775 (being built in Newport News)
PCU Hawaii SSN-776
PCU North Carolina SSN-777 (being built in Newport News)

Memphis SSN-691
Augusta SSN-710
San Juan SSN-751
Alexandria SSN-757
Toledo SSN-769
Virginia SSN-774

Philadelphia SSN-690
Dallas SSN-700
Albuquergue SSN-706

Connecticut SSN-22
Jimmy Carter SSN-23 (The CSP website now has them attached to CSDS-5 in Bangor)
Miami SSN-755
Hartford SSN-768
Annapolis SSN-760

La Maddalena, Italy
Emory Land AS-39

Norfolk, VA
Minn.-St. Paul SSN-708
Norfolk SSN-714
Albany SSN-753
Scranton SSN-756

Hyman Rickover SSN-709
Oklahoma City SSN-723
Newport News SSN-750
Boise SSN-764
Hampton SSN-767

Kings Bay, GA
Florida SSGN-728
Georgia SSGN-729

Rhode Island SSBN-740
Maine SSBN-741
Louisiana SSBN-743

Tennessee SSBN-734
West Virginia SSBN-736
Maryland SSBN-738
Wyoming SSBN-742


Bangor, WA
Columbus SSN-762

Dolphin AGSS-555
Deep Submergence Unit
Arctic Sub Lab
***The three above units are physically based in San Diego

Henry Jackson SSBN-730
Pennsylvania SSBN-735
Kentucky SSBN-737
Nebraska SSBN-739

Ohio SSGN-726
Michigan SSGN-727
Alabama SSBN-731
Alaska SSBN-732
Nevada SSBN-733

San Diego, CA
Salt Lake City SSN-716
Helena SSN-725
Topeka SSN-754
Asheville SSN-758
Jefferson City SSN-759
Arco ARDM-5

City of Corpus Christi SSN-705
San Francisco SSN-711 (has since moved to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard)
Houston SSN-713
Frank Cable AS-40

Pearl Harbor
Los Angeles SSN-688
Bremerton SSN-698
La Jolla SSN-701
Buffalo SSN-715
Charlotte SSN-766
Greeneville SSN-772

Olympia SSN-717
Honolulu SSN-718
Chicago SSN-721
Key West SSN-722
Louisville SSN-724
Columbia SSN-771

Pasadena SSN-752
Santa Fe SSN-763
Tucson SSN-770
Cheyenne SSN-773

Yokosuka, Japan
No attached units

Here's the Adobe file that this list was compiled from; it was found in this article. I'll try to go through all the changes I've seen this summer and update this post with updated info for the affected boats.


Blogger Skippy-san said...

3 SUBRONS in Kings Bay? Why so many and only 4 boats (or less in any given one). Sounds like a "make major command opportunities" program for submariners. Seems to me there should be one SUBRON per home port.

9/19/2005 5:30 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

There're only two squadrons in King's Bay... the top one is the Group, and the boats in overhaul report to them. Boomer squadrons are normally 4-5 boats, but with the 4 in conversion to SSGNs, the numbers are reduced.
And skippy... why no recent pics of hot Japanese girls over at Far East Cynic?

9/19/2005 6:09 PM

Blogger Skippy-san said...

I was in Bahrain where the only good looking girls are Filipino. However, just for you, take a look on Friday........

9/21/2005 1:06 AM

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