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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More News on USS Lagarto

This web site has some good information on the dives that have been done on USS Lagarto (SS-317), which was sunk in May 1945. If you scroll down, there are a couple of pictures (also here and here) taken of the sub recently, as well as a sketch of how she's positioned in her grave.

There's also a good story in The Hawkeye about Lagarto CO CDR Frank Latta:

"Since its discovery, Navy officials and the diving team have had some disagreement over the ship. The Navy considers all sunken U.S. ships gravesites, off–limits to people in general.
"However, the divers who found it would like to document the submarine, which is intact and sitting upright on the ocean floor. According to Karen Duvalle of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, Wis., the crew was given the OK to photograph the ship from the outside in mid–July, mostly to confirm that the submarine is, in fact, the USS Lagarto.
"Two family members visited the wreckage with the divers, armed with letters, pictures and other mementos Lagarto families have sent them to be read or placed at the site as a goodbye to their loved ones.
"I know Michael is very thrilled to have some closure," said Carol Latta, sister–in–law to Michael Latta, son of Cmdr. Frank Latta. Carol was married to Patrick Latta, another son, who died 12 years ago. "Mike always wanted to go by the last known site and drop a wreath. He was never able to do that. But now he'll have some conclusion before he dies."

As always, the USS Lagarto page at DBF Network is your best source for the latest news on SS-317.

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