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Monday, September 12, 2005

Pictures of Philly

Just got these pictures of USS Philadelphia in port in Bahrain after her collision with M/V Yaso Aysen. In this first picture, looking aft from the sail, it's clear that the merchant rode up on Philly's deck:

Here's a picture from the dock looking at the starboard side; note the damage to the fairwater planes:

I expect the Navy will be posting high-res versions of these pics on their website very soon...

Staying at PD...

Update 0923 13 Sep: WillyShake posts some thoughts on the pictures at Unconsidered Trifles. And I'm not sure why the Navy hasn't put the pictures up yet...


Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

I hate to say it, but it actually isn't as bad as I feared it would be. The planes are not destroyed. The TA housing looks to be intact. It looks ugly, but could be worse. Too bad there isn't a shot of the masts & antennas. Although, if it just the masts, and not the top of the sail, those are relatively easy to hot-swap.
The real problems will be what we can't see - the screw, the stern planes & rudder, and whether she can still mount her DDS.

9/12/2005 10:27 AM

Blogger Vigilis said...

What a lost opportunity over the years, with either scope raised (normal you say) for surfaced transits. Radar, common to almost all ocean-going vesssels, detects not only as a function of area, but of height above the surface. Likewise, periscope strobe lights have been possible all this time. Sad to think how many collisions might have been avoided by a solution that did not sacrifice stealth when necessary.

One wonders how the advent of photonics will effect the SOP of raised scopes during surfaced navigation going forward.

9/12/2005 12:39 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Looking at the pictures, there really isn't much visible damage. The SHT missing all down the port side looks like it's been taken off by workers in port, not by the freighter (although I suppose it could have been damaged). My guess is that the Navy chose to release pictures that don't show the worst damage.

9/12/2005 1:17 PM

Blogger ninme said...

So, I've lived in San Francisco (Bay Area) and in Philly, and neither submarine of those names are enjoying much luck. Is there a USS Spokane or Seattle? If there is, maybe they should ramp up their drilling... Or just hide under the bed for a few months till the year is over...

9/12/2005 1:28 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Ninme: The last USS Seattle just got decomm'd this year (she was a supply ship) and the last USS Spokane was a cruiser that decomm'd at the end of Vietnam. They should both be safe for now...

9/12/2005 5:21 PM

Blogger ninme said...

Well thank goodness for that.

9/12/2005 6:31 PM

Blogger Chap said...

Looks like a few different shots than the ones we discussed offline. My guess is that the photos picked were most able to give a lubber a general idea of the size of the bonkage.

9/12/2005 9:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Bubblehead: Over at, your old buddy Lt. Raymond Perry (USN, Ret.) has posted another article about subs, specifically about the Philly collision. I enjoyed your thoughts on his previous San Francisco post. What is your take on his current one?

9/14/2005 9:54 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

(Rubs hands with glee...) I'll head over and take a look at it tonight!

9/14/2005 7:44 PM

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