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Monday, October 31, 2005

Sub-Themed TV Show Idea

The guys over at Castle Argghhh! put up a great post on possible "real world" storylines for the new Pentagon-based TV show, The E-Ring. Example titles: "The CFC Campaign" and "Lost ID Badge". Read the whole thing.

This got me to thinking about how it would be great to have a new submarine-based TV show. Not a crappy one like SeaQuest DSV, but one that shows the exciting life that today's submariners really lead. I have some ideas for episodes:

"Field Day": We meet the crew of the Navy's newest sub as they interact during the weekly cleaning of the ship. We meet the tough but fair CO, the evil XO, the dashing and very virile Engineer, the crusty old EDMC, the techno-geek Sonar Tech, and "Nuke", a malcontent RO who serves as the narrator. Tensions rise as "Sonar Tech" gets stuck behind the Drain Pump and the nukes threaten to "grease him up" to get him out.

"CMS Destruction": Join in the chuckles as the new JO assigned to the boat gets tired of using the Piranha shredder, and goes on liberty after putting the half-shredded bag of crypto in his rack for the night. Hilarity ensues! Introduces the coners to the audience.

"ORSE Workup": Follows the crew through a week of "Vulcan Death Watches" as they try to prepare for the ORSE. When Nuke comes down with a case of Tasmanian Swine Flu, will the new RO be able to handle the scram drill? ("Vulcan Death Watch" is basically a "4-4-4-6-6" day that messes with everyone's sleep schedule to get all three sections a drill period. It's defined near the bottom of this page of WestPac quotes, which contains some very bad words. Update: I just looked closer at that quote page, and it has some really, really bad quotes. Lots of homosexually-themed conversation between sonar techs. In other words, real life. Don't read it unless you really want to know what STs really talk about. Non-submariners shouldn't read it at all.)

"Midwatch": On tonight's episode, "Nuke" stands midwatch SRO. In a cutting-edge cinematic device, a clock appears in the bottom corner of the screen as we watch an hour of his life in "real time". In the thrilling climax, "Nuke" takes his hourly logs.

I'll see if I can come up with some more later...


Blogger ninme said...

Jeez. One little Pentagon-themed TV show and all you guys have stars in your eyes.

The entire armed forces has gone Hollywood, I know it.

10/31/2005 11:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be fun to see how many mistakes we all picked up in the first episode.
My 4 to kick it off:
1. They showed the VA surfacing and the sail was lacking the fairing on the forward end.
2. The sub stayed on the surface while the SEALs were off the boat.
3. The SEALs came ashore as if were Coney Island on July 4th.
3. The ChiComs had maneuvered an LEO satellite over the area, which is pretty hard to do, and it was at night and it seemed like there were clouds out.
Looking forward to hearing the opinions of people who actually did these kind of missions.

10/31/2005 9:21 PM

Blogger Chap said...

Oh man that quote page is highlarious. Yup, that's about right...shooting a water slug for crimes against the state!

11/01/2005 2:03 AM

Anonymous said...

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11/26/2011 7:43 AM


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