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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cornhuskers Re-Discover Running Can Win Games

My hometown Nebraska Cornhuskers came up with an inspired effort to defeat #20 Michigan 32-28 in the Alamo Bowl tonight. Although they continued trying to pass for much of the game, they decided to try running enough to cap a comeback win, with Cory Ross rushing 28 times for 162 yards.

The reason this game will be remembered, though, was the bizarre last play. I'll post a link to the video when it shows up on the 'net, but basically Michigan got the ball back with 7 seconds left. They ran a hook-and-ladder, but no NU defenders were near enough to be faked out. Michigan kept throwing laterals across the field (at least five of them) and ended up well behind the original line of scrimmage (which was about the Michigan 30). It looked like the play finally ended, but about three Michigan and two Nebraska players realized that the whistle hadn't blown, and as players from both sidelines came out onto the field, NU finally tackled the last Michigan runner at around the NU 15. No flags were thrown, but if they had called NU for extra players on the field, they would have had to flag Michigan as well, so it would have been just a replayed down.

Overall, a pretty good game.

Update 1730 29 Dec: Haven't seen a good source for video of the final play, but when it shows up anywhere, it'll be linked from this page.


Anonymous rebootinit said...

It was a damn good game, we watched at work today. The hook and ladder darn near worked, but as you said it would have been replayed due to the 200 people on the field, LOL! It gave me a little hope with the shorter pass/run combos, but they still suck at anything over 20yd passes on a routine basis. UNL definately dominated the second half and the turnovers were perfection. The defense looked pretty good, but until they get their offence working good, they will suck, haha.

12/29/2005 12:35 AM


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