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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

South African Sub "Malfunction"

The first of the new South African Type-209 subs, doing at-sea quals off Norway prior to a planned transit to South Africa next month, suffered from an unspecified "technical malfunction" yesterday:

"Submarine S101 was conducting sea training in Norwegian waters with a German navy team aboard in preparation for its trip to South Africa when a technical malfunction took place, said Rear Admiral Rusty Higgs on Wednesday.
"Nobody was injured and the S101 - known by its serial number until it is named - was travelling to Kiel in Germany for further information to be gathered.
"At this stage we do not have the picture yet... it's a little bit too early," said Higgs.
"We were told there was a technical malfunction and in the spirit of the people's navy we are keeping people in the picture," he said."

Not much other information -- but if they keep giving out information in the "spirit of the people's navy" we'll hopefully get an update soon.

Staying at PD...

Update 1834 25 Jan: Via The Sub Report, information about S-101's planned trip from Germany to the RSA next month.


Anonymous rebootinit said...

I remember back in the mid 90's when a South Korean Type 209 pulled into guam for a visit. They had a serious diesel seawater leak from a brazed joint in their piping system. It was a silver brazed joint in a copper/nickel thin walled system (versus our nickel copper 70/30 thick walled).
We had two lackeys bring up the pipe that was wrapped in about 3 inches of twine and rubber to stop the leak and a very nice print on the specs for it. The problem? We could braze it, but the print was in German, the boys only spoke Korean and we had to decide the QA issues, LOL. This was after the JFMM changed all of the requirements for QA and we had to decide if we needed a package for a P3A joint or WHAT?
Just so you know, our EAFW system has about the same requirements for brazing, LOL. We decided to do a BMR brazing and hydro it for them. They left happy customers and I wonder what they are doing now.
My point? I would never serve on a type 209 as they are engineered way below our standards. How can you serve on a outsourced submarine that you cannot even read the prints on to fix your ship?
And we think we have issues in the submarine force?
Just a thought, and I know how good US submarines are, I crash tested one of the bitches.

1/26/2006 4:18 AM


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