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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Idaho's Governor Moving To DC

Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne will be nominated to become Secretary of the Interior, leaving the statewide election picture in Idaho in a bit of a tizzy. Not because he was running for re-election, though -- it's much more interesting than that.

When Governor Kempthorne resigns, Lt. Governor Jim Risch will become Governor. Gov. Kempthorne wasn't running this year, so my Congressman, "Butch" Otter, is giving up his Congressional seat to run for Governor. This scared off Risch back in November, who announced that he was going to be running for a second term as Lt. Governor, rather than try to move up. So, unless Risch changes his mind and gets the paperwork in by tomorrow (the filing deadline for the November election), we'll have the incumbent Governor running for Lieutenant Governor this fall.

How weird is that?

Update 2250 17 March: It's official; soon-to-be Governor Risch will be running for his "old" job of Lieutenant Governor this fall while he's the Governor. I think this might be a first...


Blogger half said...

Due to a timing glitch in Floridas resign-to-run law Jello Bob Graham had to resign 3 days before his term ended. Wayne Mixon (Canepole Willy) moved up from Lt. Gov. Nothing happened thank goodness. Except the traditional $10,000 official portrait in the rotunda, change of stationary and a run on the asterisk market.

3/17/2006 7:32 AM


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