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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Submariners Running For Office

John Clifton, a former boomer FT, was recently nominated for to run for Governor of New York by the Libertarian Party. He's described in the press release announcing the nomination as "a social worker against the welfare state, and a former drug counselor against the war on drugs."

Last year, when he invited Cindy Sheehan to run for Senator against Hillary Clinton, he had this to say about Iraq: "It’s about empire-building, plain and simple. The US-led invasion and occupation of the sovereign nation of Iraq was and remains unconstitutional, is contrary to the non-aggression and non-interventionist position of Libertarians, and to the principles of just war."

Here in Idaho, we have another submariner running for office, and unlike Clifton, has the advantage of not being a loon. John McGimpsey did a boomer JO tour in the late 80s and early 90s out of Holy Loch, then came to Idaho Falls for shore duty at NRF; he apparently liked the area so much, he stayed after he got out in '93. He's running for an Idaho House seat in Idaho Falls as a Democrat, which, if I understand easterIdaho politics at all, is quite a long shot (getting elected as a Democrat from Idaho Falls). Still, he seems like a good guy, and I hope my readers from the IF area will consider voting for him.


Blogger Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Jimmy Carter was a submariner who ran for office. After the economic damage he did on top of the total failure to uphold the prestige of the United States as a military superpower in his handling of the Iran hostage situation and his complete gutting of the military, I hope I never see another bubblehead (unless he's a former enlisted) in politics again. I'm still having nightmares and wondering why God chose to take his brother Billy and leave this useless S.O.B. behind. At least Billy had a personality.

6/25/2006 9:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I've seen in the past few years or so, submarine sailors have not done so well running for office. Maybe some have - if you've heard of any let me know, I'd like to find out who they are.

No, we're too eclectic a bunch to connect with most folks (think skimmerpukes), despite the fact that we've got the brains and the motivation to fix the problems while dealing with the bullshit of politics. When folks hear that the candidate was a former submarine sailor, they usually get that glazed over look in their eyes. Except here in New London county. Then we're a dime a dozen. Your next door neighbor could be a retired admiral and you'd never know it.

But away from here, the submarine mentality is way too far above the rest of the mortals, and in all the races for public office I've seen, former submarine guys haven't won.

But... since when has "that's never been done before" stopped us?

6/25/2006 8:15 PM


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