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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Conspiracy Theory Even The DUmmies Won't Buy

Check out this explanation of the 2002 Bali bombing from Indonesian Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir:
In an interview tonight on ABC television's Foreign Correspondent, Bashir claims the device that killed most people in the Bali attack was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) "micro-nuclear" bomb.
"The micro-nuclear bomb that did so much damage was a CIA bomb, not Amrozi's bomb," Bashir told the ABC.
"The Bali bombing was actually masterminded by America. Well, not masterminded, but hijacked. They planned it, but their plan was hijacked by America."
"So the bomb that killed so many Australians, it was an American bomb. It wasn't the bomb made by Amrozi and his friends."
One of the commenters in this DU thread about the article actually picked up on the concept of critical mass, and how that sets a lower limit on the potential yield of a nuclear warhead.

I did mention the article at the blog of Idaho's favorite moonbat, though, so we'll see if he runs with it (like he did with my request that he check out the Jesse MacBeth story earlier this year). And yes, for those who were wondering, that is my picture next to the phrase "easily amused" in the dictionary.


Blogger Zoe Brain said...

The Jewish Micro-Nuke plot was a favourite of the late, great Joe Vialls.

Here's what Joe Kaminski says about him:
Though the Jews/Zionists/Israelis may be in ascendance now in the worldwide violence category, they have merely assumed the title from the previous champs and still record-holding White Anglo Saxon Protestants, who themselves took the title from the Roman Catholic blood machine of Dark Ages/Inquisition fame.

And on and on goes the human race, killing each other at breakneck speed to prove they don't die. Yay God. Worship, all ye faithful, your bloodthirsty God, and observe where we have wound up.

Does the dark secret of Joe Vialls' past make his reports invalid? Or do they make them more real?

That's why I said at the top of this long screed, that even if Joe Vialls was over the top or even dead wrong about some things, he is still right. Because if we continue to let the Zionist neocon crazies, who have the WASP Protestant and the Roman Catholic hierarchies in their political and philosophical pocket, continue to pillage the planet and insist they are acting in the name of their bloodthirsty God, what hope is there for any of us?

Fake but accurate.

And a contributor to Green Left Weekly.

Sorry, but you over-estimate the sanity of even the mainstream Moonbats on this one. Many will believe, especially in Europe.

9/01/2006 6:14 AM


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