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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DUmb Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

You can always be assured of finding a good conspiracy theory when you head over to Democratic Underground, but I thought this one was a cut above the average. Sometimes I think people posts these things just to get commenters to appear foolish by agreeing with the posts, but this one passes the "too strange to be made up" smell test. Excerpt:
Recently, I began to notice that emails from some of my more activist friends began to have some additional information in the message header.
Doing some investigation, I found that DHS requires that emails from approved computers include this information as a means to verify the accuracy and source of the message. So what were these people doing what I thought was corresponding from an approved computer? Were they agent provocateurs of the New World Order?
...My conclusion is that someone is using this to track accounts of interest in order to create a social network analysis tool for their databases. Proof my friends that we are being spied on, even if all we are is politically active and have nothing to do with terrorism. It also proves that Fearless Leader's proposals to create laws allowing him to spy on terrorists is nothing more than a sham.
The responses are pretty funny; it's only at the very end that someone with a clue points out what DomainKeys really do (and no, it's not used to track Progressives). The rest of the responses are an excellent study for anyone interested in the paranoia sweeping a good portion of the country in recent years.

Unless, of course, all the posters are non-moonbats with a weird sense of humor pretending to be moonbats...

Update 0643 27 Sep: Actually, this one's even better. (Chap even discusses it over at MilBlog Ring HQ.) The guy's even got an (unsigned) DD-214.


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