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Friday, January 12, 2007

SubLant Battle "E" Winners

I posted about the SubPac list a few days ago; now, the base newspaper at Subase NLON has the list of SubLant "E" winners:
SUBRON 2 - USS Albuquerque (SSN 706)
SUBRON 4 - USS Seawolf (SSN 21)
SUBRON 6 - USS Norfolk (SSN 714)
SUBRON 8 - USS Hyman G Rickover (SSN 709)
SUBDEVRON 12 - USS Alexandria (SSN 757)
SUBRON 20 - USS Tennessee (SSBN 734) (Blue)
Special category submarine - NR-1
Interestingly, USS Newport News (SSN 750) earned the SUBRON 8 Tactical Operations White "T", so that's more evidence that they're a pretty good boat. Also of interest was the fact that only two of the six Battle "E" winners also won the Engineering "E" -- the number's normally higher than that. Maybe it's taking more than being a good nuke to win the Battle "E" nowadays. (Being an Eng-type myself, I'm not sure I like this trend...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Bubblehead:

your comment ["Interestingly, USS Newport News (SSN 750) earned the SUBRON 8 Tactical Operations White "T", so that's more evidence that they're a pretty good boat"] dovetails perfectly with your prior post [USS Newport News Collision: The Ultimate Zoof ?] and symbolizes US policy - the real problem

the paramount issue is not whether or not SSN 750 is "pretty good boat"

the paramount issue at question is the policy that puts our military in the position of having "bad" things happening to them (and others)

BTW - i have learned much from reading your blog and other mil-blogs that the MSM media overlooks

~ theDdoubleSstandard

1/12/2007 8:56 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Thanks. The thing is, military assets are designed, and exist, to go into harms way. Occasionally, bad things happen to good guys. Unfortunately, the Sub Force has shown a recent tendency to punish the unlucky -- hopefully, they'll put a stop to that trend if the evidence shows that the Newport News couldn't have reasonably prevented or foreseen the accident.

1/12/2007 10:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree.........these are not cruise ships and they have real MISSIONS......there is risk involved.

This was one helluva ZOOF at the wrong time (too close to MSP incident)by a ship of the wrong flag..(Remember Greenville?)

1/12/2007 9:53 PM


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