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Thursday, March 22, 2007

POD Items

1) NCAA Men's BB Tournament action picks up again today, starting with the Kansas-S. Illinois game at 5:10 MDT. As discussed earlier, I predict that Kansas will lose, because in the matchup of mascots, a "Saluki" (a breed of dog) would defeat a Jayhawk (from the Latin jayhawkus, meaning "bird that wears boots").

2) Duty Section training today will feature a couple of cautionary videos. First, go here to see a short clip on airbag safety, then come back and check out this video on the pitfalls of outdoor recreation (bad word warning if your sound's turned up):

Skater Face Plants Hard

3) An RN submariner has joined the team over at Zero Bubble (which has a new URL). Head on over an welcome SunDodger to the fold.

Update 2034 22 March: Yippee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post over at!

I've had a real warm welcome over there.

Go Memphis Tigers!

3/22/2007 12:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


The sounds of ANOTHER march to a National Championship :)

3/24/2007 7:28 AM


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