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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Sailor's Homecoming

Check out this video of Petty Officer Bill Hawes' reunion with his son after seven months in Iraq:

The hardest part of returning from deployment was to avoid crying on the pier -- big tough Sailors aren't supposed to do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a very sweet video clip, but I have to wonder why CNN didn't take the time to get the man's rank correct. Throughout the video, they call him an Ensign. But near the end, if you look close you see he has on PO2 collar devices.

4/02/2007 7:02 PM

Blogger Miss Ladybug said...

I also caught the "gone too long" comment. I hate that we have to have our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines over there, but they need to be allowed to take care of business so they can all come home, instead of certain quarters saying and doing things that are only prolonging this fight unnecessarily...

4/02/2007 8:52 PM

Blogger REM said...

I thought that too... but I don't think they just came up with ensign. Maybe he's a since-commissioned LDO.

4/03/2007 4:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tears show the world how caring our soldiers and sailors are. Gone too long!

4/03/2007 8:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

per O'Rielly, Limbaugh, etc.,i thought CNN was part of the anti-war, liberal media, anti-American

why where they showing this?

~ the Dd Ss

4/04/2007 4:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is wearing Petty Officer First Class devices. I personally don't see the relevance to this story.

5/24/2007 9:32 AM

Anonymous Jane said...

The thing you're writing is a big blunder.

9/21/2012 2:35 PM

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