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Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Chinese Boomer Seen On Google Earth

I'll probably come back to this later, but there's been a lot in the news this week about the new Chinese Jin-class SSBN being found on Google Maps. Here's the Google Maps URL in question, and here's the original FAS blog post. Here's a screenshot of the satellite view I just made:

The FAS blog post has a pretty good analysis comparing the new sub to the old Chinese Xia-class boomer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got some 1125 HR scoop for you. I'm a former 1125 (2000-2005) and I just received a call from a reserve recruiter stationed near my home of record. Apparently, the Navy is offering former sub JOs $10k bonuses to return to active duty.

I think this initiative is particularly funny because the Navy was paying 1125 JOs to get out of the Navy as recently as a year ago. Guess that program worked a little too well, huh? I turned him down and even had a little Navy bitch session with the guy, as he was a short-timer with ~3 months left on active duty. Ah the good old days...

7/07/2007 10:26 PM

Blogger KingV said...

You know people that were PAID to get out... as little as a year ago? Who? where? Why didn't anyone ask me ;-)?

7/13/2007 1:19 AM


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