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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Battle Is Joined!

Here in Idaho's 1st Congressional District, we're just now starting to think about the upcoming Congressional elections. There are a couple of candidates on the Democratic side, and a challenger on the Republican side, but up to now the incumbent, Bill Sali, hadn't bothered to activate his campaign website. Now he has... and it's a thing of beauty.

What makes it so special? Well, although he doesn't allow comments and likely won't answer any questions (just like in his last campaign) he for some reason has decided to join various social networking sites that do allow comments (like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr). I'm sure he's got them moderated, but it's still great for his constituents to see how Emily thinks he's the "best boss ever. :)" -- you can't get that kind of thing on a boring campaign website.

While I'll be keeping a close eye on Congressman Sali's continuing efforts to "keep it real" with the younger generation, I'll personally be supporting Larry Grant for Congress in 2008 as the kind of economically conservative, socially moderate Representative that Idaho needs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Orientation field was filled in... Straight. I'll bet the staff burned a few hours discussed this field at length. In the pre-"wide-stance" days I'm sure it would have gone unanswered..

3/02/2008 6:59 AM

Anonymous girlfriday said...

Ah Joel. You still think that Larry Grant is a moderate.

But yes, Sali's homepage is a little silly. They don't need to be quite so conspicuous.

3/04/2008 8:33 PM


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