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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amusing Navy Reserve Video

Check out the newest YouTube video from the Navy -- it's a recruiting video for the Navy Reserves:

My favorite part: click on the "More Info" link in the box on the right of the video's page and you get an "Office Space" reference. Someone over in the Navy Recruiting Office actually has a sense of humor!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Especially at a time when we are going to send 1000 senior officers to the IRR in the next couple of weeks and are conducting a drawdown...

5/29/2008 6:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn shame that it's not on YouTube as well, but SNL did a great spoof on the Navy's ads way back when in the "It's not just a's an adventure" days.

Transcript: The Navy Adventure

[ open on Navy port ]

Announcer: "Port of call, *Bayonne*, New Jersey."

[ Navy men are seen doing laundry ]

The Navy Adventure.

[ as background music plays, scenes show navy workers performing various activities: mopping a floor, peeling potatoes, cooking and serving cafeteria food, scrubbing toilets, chipping paint off of an old ship wall, fastening chains on a ship, mopping the ship, tarring a ship floor, and sitting in a room watching TV ]

"The Navy. See your local recruiter or call toll free."

[ final image shows phone number 311-555-5000 against a man with a mop and bucket - the motto is also shown ]

"It's not just a job, it's $96.78 a week."

5/29/2008 12:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - they could also use this video for training at YN A-school :)

5/29/2008 2:23 PM

Blogger Free The Nucs said...

It's been almost twenty years now - when do I get to fly that jet???

5/29/2008 8:44 PM

Blogger Oceaneer99 said...

I remember getting the brochure in the mail that said something along the lines of "When was the last time you flew Mach 1? When was the last time you took control of a nuclear submarine? When was the last time... etc." I read it out loud, and my roommate yawned and said, "Last week, so shut up."

A different roommate had a letter forwarded to him on the ship from Selective Service (draft registration), who said he faced possible prosecution for failing to update his address with them.

A buddy of ours (Zippy) always paraphrased the old ads as "It's not just a job; it's an indenture."

6/10/2008 12:26 PM


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