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Friday, September 05, 2008

SubGru SEVEN Guys Climb The Mountain (x4)

The intrepid adventurers from Submarine Group SEVEN I posted about earlier have completed their quest to climb Mt. Fuji 4 times in 24 hours; they completed the Herculean task in less than 22 hours! From this Stars and Stripes article:

Five men from Yokosuka instead opted to put the "labor" back into the holiday by climbing Japan’s highest mountain four times in a row.
The "four in 24" challenge was a success, the climbers reported this week. They trekked to the top of Mount Fuji four times in a total of 22 hours and raised $10,935 for charity.
"By the end of it, we were almost laughing from the pain," said Lt. Doug Szwarc who coordinated this year’s climb after a triple summit feat up and down the 12,388-foot volcanic peak in 2007. Even on Thursday, stepping up stairs was "not the most fun," Szwarc said.
Starting at about 5,000 feet below the summit, the group set out at 5:45 a.m. Monday and finished up at 3:44 a.m. Tuesday, Szwarc said.
Climbers consisted of Submarine Group Seven’s Szwarc, Lt. Rob Lovern and Lt. Justin Hoff; Public Affairs Center Chief Petty Officer Michael Raney; and Luke Nelson, Yokosuka MWR fitness programs coordinator.
All, with the exception of Lovern, whose injured feet caused him to miss the last climb, logged a grand tally of 20,000 feet up and 20,000 feet down the mountain.
A truly inspiring feat. BZ to all involved!

There's lots more information and pictures from the climb at their "Fuji Challenge" website. And I'm sure they're still accepting donations on behalf of their charities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Job!

However, the comment still stands:

"A wise man climbs Mt. Fuji once. Only a fool climbs it twice."

9/05/2008 2:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice work and they raised a good deal of money, but it seems like such a bubblehead thing to do since we have been trained up that unless you work yourself to death and make everyhting as complicated and hard as posible you are not doing it right.

I hope they had a good time at least - it is an accomplishment to be proud of. Not surprising that it was mostly 1120's doing this and not a group of aviators.

9/06/2008 7:40 AM

Anonymous Easter said...

No doubt, the chap is totally fair.

8/24/2012 10:29 PM


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