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Friday, November 07, 2008

Bill Sali Fan Hangs It Up

Based on this comment over at HBO, it looks like Idaho satire blog personality Bill Sali Fan is giving up the ghost. As the writer of Standing Up To Pelosi, it appears that Bill Sali Fan used BlameBush! as a model for satire, except he was in "favor" of his target rather than "against" him -- I guess kind of like Shelley The Republican.

Personally, I thought there was some clever writing going on over at BSF's site, and I was hoping to get the opinion of my regular readers to see if they agree. Check out this post defending Idaho Senator Larry Craig posted soon after news of his arrest came out. (Very bad word warning!) So what do you think... does Bill Sali Fan have any talent as a writer?

Many have wondered what BSF's motivation was. As near as I can tell, he started the blog right after Bill Sali's victory in 2006, hoping to become established enough that by the time the 2008 election rolled around, Bill Sali might actually link to BSF as a "supporter", and then people could make fun of Bill Sali for not recognizing obvious satire. Unfortunately, BSF made it too obvious, even to true believers, that he was engaged in satire, and that plan fell through. My guess is that he just kept writing afterwards because he thought it was funny.


Blogger Buck said...

Bill Sali Fan is freaking funny.

Over-the-top, sure, but so were Monty Python, and who doesn't think they're great (remember, I'm the father of a nuke MM.)

He definitely has talent as a writer.

11/07/2008 1:35 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

I loved BSF blog!!!

11/07/2008 6:35 PM

Blogger foster208 said...

I hope BSF knows the role he played in the election. It was significant. In no small part for the comic relief, but also because he understood that satire is often the best way to speak truth to power. Well done, BSF, wherever you are.

11/08/2008 8:04 PM


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