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Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Hey, Shipwreck" Update

Big news from the creator of "Hey, Shipwreck", the only space-based submarine video series with its own Wikipedia page. First of all, Episode 2-08 has been released, which features some administrative notes along with a return of the Sailor-to English Translator:

Here's an entry on his website that explains what will be happening. The biggest news is that "Hey, Shipwreck" will be ending with the next episode, and he'll be starting a new video series based on a modern submarine called simply "Tube Daze". It will also "feature two coners standing watch topside trying to stay awake".

For continuities sake, here's a new link to Episode 2-07 about Midshipman Ops, which changed after I posted it back in February.


Blogger Jay said...

As usual, excellent finds! Thanks Joel, and I look forward to the next iteration of Hey Shipwreck, whatever form it may take.

7/13/2009 5:16 PM

Blogger Srvd_SSN_CO said...

Damn I love those cartoons.

7/14/2009 5:13 AM

Anonymous exahausted from laughting said...

OMG. The sailor-to-english translator almost made me pee my pants. Any idea which other episodes have it?

7/15/2009 4:32 AM

Anonymous said...

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10/17/2011 10:23 AM

Anonymous said...

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6/05/2012 2:21 AM


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